Family Holidays for Hikers

Hiking on the Hünenweg with the whole family.

Discover the diversity of the Hünenweg.  From historic and cultural gabled buildings to mystical moorland and forests, to rivers and river meadows.  The Hünenweg, a real star in the hiking sky, is unique in its scenic and cultural diversity.  Impressive megalithic tombs, which gave the Hünenweg its name,  you will find at every turn.

Shuttle service to/from the desired start and end point from €30.00.

We would be happy to prepare a packed lunch for you upon request.

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The most beautiful hiking routes


1. Hike from Rulle to Bramsche (approx. 19 km)

The path takes you through meadows and forests along the eastern foothills of the Wiehengebirge. You reach the highest point of the entire Hünenweg at 148m - the Schleptruper Egge. The path then leads along the Mittelland Canal to Bramsche.


2. Hike from Bramsche to Ankum (approx. 18 km)

Here the hike takes you through the Gehn Heights. Near Ueffeln you come across an impressive quarry, this part of the UNSECO Global Geopark TERRA.vita gives insights into a former coastal region. At the end of the stage, an imposing large stone grave awaits you in Ankumer Giersfeld.


3. Hike from Ankum to Berge (approx. 17 km)

Be enchanted by the mystical charm of the forest in the protected area of ​​Maiburg. You cross fascinating legendary places and discover legends about witches and devils. The 53 metre long Restruper burial mound brings prehistory to life.


4. Hike from Berge to Herzlake (approx. 20 km)

Here the Hünenweg leads you through the imposing Börsteler forest with the idyllic Cistercian monastery of Stift Börstel. Then the landscape changes and takes you to the species-rich ancestral moor and you should enjoy the overwhelming expanse here. From Herzlake you can drive back to the hotel in 5 minutes.


5. Hike from Haselünne to Meppen (approx. 20 km)

The path leads you through the unspoilt juniper grove in Haselünne until you come across a primeval meadow landscape with diverse flora and fauna along the Haseufer. A lookout tower offers breathtaking views of the renatured area. The steep banks just before Bokeloh form the crowning glory of this hike.


You can get the address of meeting points, as well as the telephone numbers and, if necessary, the opening times of sights at the reception.